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Today i got my ZIPFY i was so desperate to try it out that i went down the hill right in front of my house ( that hill is loaded with trees and is very relatively steep, yea i know i was desperate) so happily i skipped down across the road and got on my ZIPFY as happy as ever getting to try it so soon. Then i pushed off and started ... forgetting that there was a 3 foot cliff half way down ( yea i know its not high at all but on a normall toboggan thats a instant wipe out) to my amazement i gained speed rapidly but still stayed in control of the ZIPFY at all times ( its quite a amazing invention) and that control was so help full for weaving through the trees, then i remembered the cliff and it was to late to stop, to my amazement the ZIPFY flew over it and landed very smoothly, after that i slowly braked and finished my ride i was so happy with how easy it was to learn on my first try.

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Comment by Ian Frament on December 12, 2013 at 12:44pm

My first ride was pretty similar except now i make jumps and try doing some flashy stuff like no handed 360s you should try it, its really fun. Also try getting a couple friends to get zipfys and race and ride with you


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