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Do any ski resorts in southern Ont. allow zipfy? Or does anyone know of any great hills?

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hmm...I will look into this for you!! I know you can go to local parks, like in the City of Toronto, and I know there are some toboggan parks up north in Huntsville, ON....but I will see what is available in S. Ontario. Where are you located?

In terms of ski resorts, they don't allow toboggans.
I'm in Alliston. We have some ok toboggan hills, but I was hoping to find a real long run so I could learn how to carve
on the way down. My hill is fun for bombing but 1 turn and your down.
Hi Jake,

so i did some investigating and i'm not sure of any great places to go in sister lives there and she gave me the scoop. she did say that if you trek over to Blue Mountain, to the left of the mountain there are some hills that aren't owned by the mountain that you can hike up and go for long could perhaps look into this.

meanwhile if you find anything in Alliston, please let me know!

Hey ZipfyndZ,

The only free toboggan hill that I know of in Toronto is the one beside Riverdale
farm. Not that long to carve, but still worth it. The hunt for some hidden-Alpian-hills
continues in the Greater Toronto Area.




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